Helping Food & Formulation Retailers with Private Brand Product Development & Delivery

Bamboo Rose product development and supply chain platform for food & formulation. 

See why leading grocery retailers across the world leverage Bamboo Rose to optimize their private brand strategy while keeping compliance and quality in check.

Collaborate with your suppliers earlier and more effectively in a digital environment to help find the right products quickly. Streamline your private brand strategy to build a more efficient and resilient supply chain.


Accelerate Data-Driven Product and Supply Chain Decisions Through Collaboration


Increase Operational Efficiency to Deliver the Right Products to Market


Empower an Efficient, Resilient, and Responsible Supply Chain

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Marry all of your processes and tools in one platform. Ensure accurate data across all tools and processes with team members inside and outside of your organization.


Democratize your production processes. Eliminate silos in your organization to speed up development cycles and ensure everyone is on the same page.


Prevent compliance issues before they happen. Gain complete visibility into recipe and ingredient formulation without sacrificing speed to market.
Top Food & Formulation Brands Trust Bamboo Rose

Collaborate On a Single Platform

  • Communicate with suppliers about product formulation and establish standard recipe processes with product developers, sourcing teams, and quality teams
  • Monitor compliance specifications before product launch
  • Manage the RFQ process with potential vendor partners and assess suppliers for scale, cost, production capability and compliance adherence

Streamline Packaging and Labeling

  • Ensure product labels contain accurate nutritional facts, ingredients, and allergen information
  • Create compelling packaging copy and reduce errors through automated project and data management
  • Optimize food packaging for sustainability to meet regulatory requirements related to material waste and environmental impact

Easily Manage Compliance and Quality

  • Automate analysis of product recipes, ingredients, and packaged final products against regulatory requirements
  • Maintain compliance against the full range of claims standards to reduce the risk of costly recalls
  • Respond with agility to constantly changing consumer trends without sacrificing on quality or introducing risk

“[I would recommend] Bamboo Rose to any department store, any retailer that deals with cross-functional team members on one platform as well as working with suppliers and vendors in different countries.”

Kate Wade

Associate Sourcing Manager @ Belk

Your Retail Ecosystem for Food & Formulation

Capabilities specifically designed to help your food & formulation business grow.

Ingredients Library

Centralized ingredients libraries are your team’s source of truth for recipe components, formulations, allergen information, and regulatory compliance.

Recipe Management

Collaborate across the organization on recipe and formulation processes. Integrate with 3rd parties to manage certified food claims like organic, no-GMO, and more.

Compliance and Quality

Protect your brand reputation and measure product quality against brand standards on the ingredient, formulation, and final product level.

Global Sourcing

Leverage “What If” and “Should” analysis tools to improve margins and reduce risk when negotiating or comparing potential suppliers.

Packaging and Labels

Create, manage, and collaborate on packaging and label information with suppliers, product developers, and other key stakeholders.

Logistics & Finance

Continually assess and improve vendor performance to reduce spoilage, lower safety stock, and stabilize inventories across your product assortment.

“With all our information in one place, we have simplified our supply chain and P2P processes, increased supplier collaboration and can accurately forecast for the months and years ahead.”

VP of Supply Chain @ Shoprite

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