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Bamboo Rose arms your retail organization with the data and visibility it needs to collaborate and drive efficiency from product development to distribution. Meet our team.

On a Mission to Find a Better Way

Back when Bamboo Rose started, documents were kept in hanging files, and product development collaboration was a clunky, manual process.

Sourcing struggles and snail-paced design-to-distribution timelines were the norm because retailers didn’t have the tools they needed to scale and solve complex collaboration and efficiency challenges. My, how times are changing.

The catalyst behind Bamboo Rose has always been to find a better way to help retailers:

Accelerate Data-Driven Product and Supply Chain Decisions Through Collaboration

Increase Operational Efficiency to Deliver the Right Products to Market

Empower an Efficient, Resilient, and Responsible Supply Chain

Driven by a Common Vision

Our team operates at its best when we focus on three things:


Trust is vital for a team at work because it allows members to feel comfortable to take risks, collaborate effectively, and be honest with each other. Without trust, teams are less productive, less creative, and less likely to succeed.


A performance mindset encourages employees to strive for excellence and leads to greater overall success for the company. It creates an environment where employees are motivated to continuously improve and develop their skills.


Being transparent with colleagues and customers means that we communicate openly and honestly in all interactions while being respectful of others’ perspectives. Transparency drives strong relationships over the long haul.

“We needed one platform to help us communicate and collaborate with our global supplier base. Doing so has led to better speed to market, more product offerings, and happy shoppers in stores and online.”

Chief Product & Sourcing Officer

Leading Home Improvement Retailer

Our Retail Tech Leadership Team

We’ve assembled a whip-smart lineup of leaders committed to customer satisfaction and innovation in retail technology.

Matt Stevens

Chief Executive Officer

Matt brings over three decades of experience in tech. He was a founder of AppNeta, a successful performance monitoring solution designed for very large, complex, and distributed enterprises. Matt excels at resolving strategic issues and is committed to prioritizing team and product to empower long-term customer success.

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Mike Mattei

Chief Revenue Officer

Mike brings over a decade of enterprise sales and customer success leadership experience to Bamboo Rose. He joined in 2022, after a successful strategic exit at AppNeta, where he led sales and GTM execution. Mike’s results-based consultative sales approach prioritizes customer outcomes to drive growth and loyalty.

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Jeff Fedor

Chief Product Officer

Jeff is an experienced SaaS executive with over 30 years in tech. He’s founded four companies, worked as a technical architect for a global financial standard, and served as a product strategy consultant for Apple, Google, LVMH, and others. Jeff is passionate about creating products people love through continuous discovery.

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Mike Hustler

Chief Technology Officer

Mike brings over 30 years of enterprise software expertise. Previously leading AppNeta’s engineering team to a successful acquisition, He is passionate about driving innovation and a people-first culture. Mike is focused on delivering innovative retail solutions to Bamboo Rose’s diverse global customer base.

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Shawn Garrett

Chief Financial Officer

Shawn brings extensive experience in SaaS and tech finance leadership to Bamboo Rose. Having spent time across the private equity, technology investment, and strategic planning sectors, he is well-positioned to lead Bamboo Rose through the next phase of growth and acquisition.

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Jen Schiffman

Chief Marketing Officer

Jen brings marketing expertise and a special fondness for the grocery retail industry to Bamboo Rose. With 15 years in CPG and tech, Jen finds joy in brand building, loves to tell a great story, and champions customer value to propel logo expansion. She’s well versed in M&A from executive roles in PE & VC-backed SaaS and adtech.

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Joe Lombardo

VP, Business Operations

Joe has 14 years of experience making SaaS companies more productive and better data-driven decision-makers. With a background ranging from revenue operations to business intelligence to sales enablement, he loves building teams that take creative approaches to serve as the “glue” that holds cross-functional teams together.

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Mike Spinale

SVP, People

Mike is a people and business partner with over 15 years of experience in fast-growing SaaS organizations. A progressive HR leader, Mike partners with and coaches executive teams to drive organizational value by bringing on the best talent, ensuring they’re in the right seat, and keeping them motivated and growing in their careers.

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It’s The Perfect Time to Work With Bamboo Rose

CEO, Matt Stevens, talks about three things that excite him most about our business.

Bamboo Rose Around the World

Our team can be found everywhere from the Pacific Northwest to the UK, and even down under.

No matter where you build your business, we can help.


Gloucester, Massachusetts

Fun Fact: Gloucester is the home of our organization and the birthplace of the modern-day frozen food industry, which was a major breakthrough for our friends in the grocery retail business.


Bangalore, KA

Fun Fact: Bangalore is the fashion capital of India and another home base for our team. It is a great city for apparel lovers, offering both traditional silk sarees and modern clothing.

Are you ready to join us?

SEEKING: You’re strategic, savvy, collaborative, and kind. You enjoy challenging projects and have a growth mindset. You appreciate process. Above all, you love to turn customers into raving fans.

OFFERING: We’re a tight-knit corporate culture that gets the job done. A network of emotionally intelligent leaders that values your growth. We offer a broad and modern benefits program: Bamboo Rose Fridays off, unlimited PTO, health plans, retirement savings & more.

We’ve Acquired Backbone PLM

We’re one company with two products, the Bamboo Rose Retail Management Platform and (newly acquired) Backbone PLM.

Backbone allows customers in the fashion and apparel space to design faster and create tech packs in minutes. With a 97% customer satisfaction rating, it might be time to learn what all the fuss is about.

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