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You have straightforward goals and your product development and supply chain platform needs to help you meet them – period.

American Eagle

Megan DiMartino, Sr. Manager Supply Chain Technology at AEO, discusses how Bamboo Rose has allowed them solve supply chain challenges and support international expansion.


Deanna Loudon, Director of Sourcing and Production at Express, describes how using Bamboo Rose for supply chain visibility in one, single platform has saved her and her team time and money.


Kara Wade, Associate Sourcing Manager at Belk, discusses how Bamboo Rose has enabled them to communicate around the world with their vendors and suppliers for their private label brands.

Urban Outfitters

Mallory Duffy, formerly Training and Development Specialist at Urban Outfitters, shares how her team saved weeks in their supply chain and increased speed to market with Bamboo Rose.

“We needed one platform to help us communicate and collaborate with our global supplier base. Doing so has led to better speed to market, more product offerings, and happy shoppers in stores and online.”

Chief Product & Sourcing Officer

Leading Home Improvement Retailer

On-Demand Webinars

When the industry talks, we listen.

Live Demo:

Master retail supplier management (SRM) with essential strategies and best practices.

Live Demo:
Item Setup

 See item setup in action for general merchandise & multi-category retail efficiency.

Live Demo:
Backbone PLM


Learn how Eagle Creek breaks free from spreadsheets and scales with Backbone PLM.

Live Demo: Tech Pack Creation

See how Backbone PLM standardizes tech packs to empower creation, minimize errors, and get to market faster.

Retail Uncorked Virtual Roundtable

A roundtable discussion on sourcing and supply chain strategies that foster collaboration and drive retail growth.

Live Demo: Collaborative POs

Learn how to simplify your PO Management processes for a more efficient retail supply chain leveraging Bamboo Rose.

Sourcing Success with PacSun

Watch this webinar to learn about PacSun’s journey to building a transparent and collaborative sourcing organization.

Next-Generation Sourcing Strategies

Find balance between emergent ESG requirements and core business KPIs.

Viewing Sustainability Like an Investor

Learn how long apparel companies have before sustainability practices become table stakes.

ESG Transformation in Retail

Learn how retailers and brands prepare for impending ESG regulations.

Connecting the Retail Value Chain for Supply Chain

Join Bamboo Rose for a tactical discussion about the importance of a truly connected supply chain.

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