Modernizing the Methods that Bring Winning Products to Market Faster through Collaboration

Bamboo Rose product development and supply chain platform for general merchandise.

See why leading general merchandise retailers across the world leverage Bamboo Rose to boost productivity across the supply chain and build scalable processes for growth.

Unlock insights into product and supply chain operations for all stakeholders and partners with a Bamboo Rose’s comprehensive retail platform. Say goodbye to costly physical buying trips and sampling iterations and automatically trigger, track, and manage supplier adherence to supplier quality and compliance KPIs.


Eliminate blind spots in your decision-making. Collaborate earlier and easier with stakeholders throughout the supply chain to make decisions faster, increasing speed to market.


Boost productivity by automating manual and repetitive tasks–plus, decrease the chance of human error through standardized processes for order creation and entry that live within Bamboo Rose.


Bullet-proof your supply chain. Integrate with compliance and quality control third party systems to ensure traceability and decrease the risk of legal issues, sanctions, and fines.

Top General Merchandise Brands Trust Bamboo Rose

Collaborate and Transact with Suppliers & Vendors

  • Collaborate earlier with suppliers on assortment strategy in a digital environment to discover the right products quickly
  • Reduce or eliminate the financial overhead of physical buying trips and sampling iterations
  • Automatically trigger, track, and manage supplier adherence to supplier quality and compliance KPIs

Boost Productivity Across the Supply Chain

  • Provide end-to-end supply chain visibility to augment and automate decision making and get products to market 6+ weeks faster
  • Automate tasks like order creation and order entry to improve data quality and reduce administrative work by ~75%
  • Provide order transparency prior to commitment, allowing suppliers to secure raw materials and prepare facilities

Support your Entire Business Community with a Single Source of Truth

  • Scale your business using a flexible business technology platform that supports easy, repeatable integrations
  • Save time and identify aggregated buying opportunities with a centralized sourcing and costing solution
  • Enable all stakeholders and partners to gain a clearer understanding of product and supply chain operations

“It is the only system used by the GPC sourcing office and our corporate subsidiaries. The system has greatly enhanced accuracy, communication, and visibility within our international supply chain.”

Phil Hekman

Managing Director @ GPC

Your Retail Ecosystem for General Merchandise

Capabilities specifically designed to help your general merchandise business grow.


Manage all your products from ideation to delivery in a single centralized system. Reduce manual and administrative tasks so your designers can focus on design.

3D Product Design

Use our smart connector with CLO-3D to collaborate virtually on new products, no matter the type, from apparel to home improvement and more.

Integrated Compliance

Protect your brand reputation and measure product quality against brand standards easily using compliance features available within the platform.

Vendor Management

Compare historical and real-time supplier data to make sure you’re making the best decisions for your sourcing and supplier needs.

PO Management

Leverage progressive purchase orders to get an early start on orders, and modify details as needed throughout the production and delivery process.

Logistics & Finance

Go beyond the PO. Track and organize packaging, labels, commercial invoices, and deliveries, to get the right products to the right place with ease.

“Our business model depends on having an effective supply chain that sources product directly, making effective vendor management critical. To be competitive, you have to be both fast and accurate. Bamboo Rose will ensure that we have one version of truth for PO management, and collaboration with our suppliers will give us visibility into the entire P2P process.”

Trevor Lang

CFO @ Floor & Decor

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Accelerate Data-Driven Product and Supply Chain Decisions Through Collaboration


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