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Sustainable Food Packaging in the Post-Pandemic Grocery Market

What will the food packaging industry look like post-pandemic? Experts expect a greater emphasis on sustainability.
Sustainability has been a focus in the retail market for years now that more and more corporations have taken ownership of their role in contributing to carbon emissions and landfill waste.
In the post-pandemic grocery market, insiders anticipate food retailers will have even more opportunities to focus on developing sustainable products, packaging and operations.
Consumer behaviour changed significantly throughout the course of the pandemic, particularly in relation to the food and formulated industry. Online grocery sales spiked more than 50 percent since the start of the shutdown, and curbside pickup rates have increased by 85 percent since shoppers modified their daily lives to reduce face-to-face interactions.
After COVID restrictions lift, many consumers may still prefer the convenience of curbside pickup and online channels to in-person shopping. If that’s the case, food retailers and packaging partners may have leeway to alter design decisions.
If physical shopping experiences are less important to consumers, food packaging firms can shift their focus away from design decisions that optimize products for in-store display and instead focus on sustainable and environmentally-friendly packaging.
Evolving consumer preferences also indicate opportunity for more sustainable packaging approaches. In a 2020 McKinsey survey, 55 percent of surveyed consumers stated they were very or extremely concerned about the environmental impact of product packaging. This survey included consumers across ten countries, reflecting a global interest in environmentally-conscious products.
To assist retailers in the food and formulated industry in their efforts to embrace sustainability and meet consumer demand, Bamboo Rose recently partnered with Sun Strategy, a multi-disciplined packaging consultancy specializing in sustainability.
As part of this partnership, Bamboo Rose will integrate its product development and sourcing data with Sun Strategy’s e-halo solution to allow firms to capture accurate and important packaging data straight from the product lifecycle. Shared clients will be able to collaborate with cross-functional teams and third-party business partners in real-time for faster review processes, less risk, and improved data quality.
Additionally, creative teams and their partners will be able to complete and update tasks digitally, identify bottlenecks and capacity constraints quickly, and leverage easy reporting and dashboards for transparency across the product lifecycle.
Ultimately, this integration will help firms in the food and formulated industry integrate sustainable packaging design and artwork for private brand products directly into a fluid, automated product development and sourcing workflow.
To learn more about Bamboo Rose alliances and Sun Strategy, visit our partner page.