The Interline’s 2023
Sourcing & Supply Chain Survey

Help Shape the Future of Retail

Embark on a journey to revolutionize the global apparel, fashion, and consumer goods supply chain with The Interline’s 2023 Sourcing & Supply Chain Survey.

This isn’t just any survey; it’s your chance to be a trailblazer, influencing the course of the retail industry. We invite you to share invaluable insights, drawing from your experiences and learnings in retail sourcing and supply chain.

By participating, you’re not just giving your voice; you’re contributing to an open, unbiased benchmark that harmonizes sourcing and supply chain objectives with the cutting-edge technology solutions created to support them.

This survey is your passport to making a real impact, and it’s open to brands and retailers from every corner of the globe. Rest assured, your responses are entirely anonymous. Join us and be a part of something transformative.

Take action now by clicking the button below or accessing the embedded form on this page. And the best part? You can complete the 15-minute survey in multiple sittings, allowing you to pick up right where you left off. No need to provide any personal information, though we do offer an optional email field for those interested in receiving the survey findings! Seize this moment to make a difference in the retail industry’s journey forward.

Thank you for taking the time to provide your perspectives. It will help to shape an objective picture of the realities of supply chain strategies, sourcing practices, sustainability, and the technology ecosystem that supports them.

For any questions, please contact

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