Navigating Post-Pandemic Wellness Trends:
Insights from The Vitamin Shoppe

Health and Wellness Trends in the Post-Pandemic World

The health and wellness landscape has undergone a remarkable transformation in the wake of the global pandemic. Consumer behaviors have shifted, priorities have evolved, and retailers have had to adapt swiftly to meet these changing needs. In a recent podcast interview hosted by Greg Sleter, Executive Editor of Storebrands, Muriel Gonzalez, President of The Vitamin Shoppe, shed light on the post-pandemic health and wellness market, discussing key trends, challenges, and strategies for success.

In this podcast, expect to learn about:

  • Understanding the New Normal: A Shift in Consumer Focus
  • Navigating Inflation Challenges: The Rise of Private Brands
  • The Influencer Effect: Social Media and Trending Products
  • Driving Innovation: Flavors, Partnerships, and Trends
  • Future Growth: A Vision for Expansion

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