On-Demand Webinar:
Connected Sourcing with PacSun

Diversified Sourcing Leads to Transformation


Apparel brands have had two years’ worth of supply chain challenges to wade through, whether it be port congestion, freight constraints, factory shutdowns or labor shortages. But these problems only become more difficult to handle when stakeholders don’t have full visibility into where their raw materials and products are coming from.

That doesn’t mean all hope is lost. Brands can still implement the right platforms in place and establish strong partnerships with their suppliers if they plan to secure consistent access to materials and finished goods from their supply chain networks.

One recent sourcing success story from lifestyle apparel brand PacSun illustrates how the company pivoted to a digital-first, more diversified sourcing operation by abandoning outdated communication methods like Excel and email and bringing disparate supply chain systems under one roof.

Watch this webinar to learn about:

  • PacSun’s journey to building a transparent and collaborative sourcing organization
  • How brands can leverage digital sourcing on the Bamboo Rose platform to accelerate product time to market
  • Balancing multiple channels, including proprietary products, brand collaborations and third-party products
  • Diversifying into lower-cost markets and building a more agile sourcing operation
  • How deeper supplier relationships can improve raw materials management
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