Retail Uncorked Community Kickoff

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What happens when you bring retail executives together to talk shop?

A community is born!

Welcome to Retail Uncorked.


Recently, we hosted a virtual wine tasting and roundtable event for retail executives, marking the launch of our retail community. The one-hour gathering was a blend of wine, engaging conversation, and a diverse group of enthusiastic attendees. Representatives from prominent retailers joined in on the fun!


Retail Uncorked community event: virtual wine tasting & roundtable discussion.

The event kicked off with an exclusive wine tasting experience courtesy of Roy Estate. For those unfamiliar with this waitlist-only winery, it was truly an exciting opportunity to savor their exceptional selections!

The wine tasting set the stage for our roundtable discussion with industry leaders from Swati Kelkar of Maurices and Peter Paluzi of Carhartt, moderated by Nancy Marino, a consultant and supply chain expert at Columbus Consulting.





We covered:

Retail Supply Chain Collaboration – successful collaboration with suppliers and retail partners is paramount for supply chain resiliency.

Decoding Supply Chain Collaboration – it’s not just a buzz word. Retailers doing it well say they experience speed-to-market, level inventories, and customer satisfaction.

Unveiling the Goals – while we know the advantages of supply chain collaboration, setting clear goals before working with potential partners facilitates transparent communication and trust.

Next Steps – where is your organization on the collaboration scale? It may be time to evaluate your internal and external supply chain processes. We can help – schedule a meeting today.

Other key themes emerged, highlighting the evolving landscape of retail: the importance of being customer-centric, adapting swiftly to shifts in demand, achieving true supply chain transparency, and leveraging technology to support these efforts. All tying in to the strong emphasis of collaboration across teams and partners in navigating the complex dynamics of the retail supply chain. Check out the recap from Columbus Consulting.

As we believe in the power of building relationships and sharing knowledge within the retail sector, this event served as a testament to our commitment in bringing together industry leaders for an enriching and enjoyable experience. The success of the wine tasting further enhanced the overall ambiance of the event, creating a memorable launch for our retail community. We can’t wait for future events! Sign up below to get notified. 

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