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Collaborative & Agile Purchase Orders

Collaborative & Agile Purchase Orders: Driving Supply Chain Efficiency

In today’s retail economy, the purchase order (PO) is more than a static document stored in a legacy system of record. It’s a living data hub that drives business value across the retail supply chain and business community. All POs should exist as digital documents that catalyze simultaneous collaboration and mutual business value for all participating parties.

Learn how the Bamboo Rose platform transforms POs into digital data hubs where retailers, brands, wholesalers, and partner communities can accelerate time to market, bring agility to supply chain operations, and improve margins. Plus, get a product demo on our PO Management solution.


Bamboo Rose is helping to streamline our processes. It’s a way to communicate with our vendors, merchants and everyone in private brands. Simultaneously, we’re all getting the same information and that’s what I love about it.

Kara Wade

Sourcing Manager @ Belk