The Definitive Guide
to Retail PLM Solutions

PLM & Sourcing

By Melissa DiPietro

This guide is designed to empower retailers and brands seeking a new PLM platform, providing insights, strategies, and considerations to make an informed decision that aligns with your business objectives.

In our ever-evolving landscape of the retail industry, where challenges like climate change, sustainability regulations, supply chain disruptions, and market unpredictability converge, the modern Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) platform has emerged as a vital solution.

And if you’ve made it here, chances are you’ve been asked to look at PLM solutions for your business. You may have some familiarity with PLM, but maybe you’re looking to impress your boss with a point of view on why it will make a significant impact on their priorities. And, you know what—it really will. They will be thrilled when you show up for your next meeting with a strategic solution to drive revenue, decrease costs, and reduce risk. You’re about to become a PLM sherpa!

This primer will get you filled in and rounded out on PLM 101 … and maybe some extra credit as well. So here we go:

PLM is a business-critical enterprise process and technology

that involves managing a product from concept to creation to delivery.

Bringing on-trend and on-time garments, home goods, foods, and more to market can be challenging for multi-category global retailers. The process involves numerous departments within a company, and without the right partner and technology, you’re very likely to find yourself paddling upstream (not so quickly). Never fear; we’re pulling you to shore!


At a Glance:

Demystifying Product Lifecycle Management (PLM): How has PLM evolved over the past five years?

What are the top business pain points that a PLM solution can fix?

What are the unique needs retailers have regarding a PLM solution?

What should a retailer & brand look for in a top PLM SaaS offering?

What does a PLM workflow look like?


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