Movado Group Redefines its Product Development Processes with
One Platform for All Teams

Customer Challenge

 Manual Processes & Long Development Cycles

For more than a century, Movado Group has been a major player in the watch industry worldwide and offers a strong portfolio of ten widely respected and recognizable brands.

In the past, Movado Group relied on a wide range of disparate tools to manage and track its projects and designs. With multiple departments attempting to string together Excel sheets, calendars, shared drives, and email correspondence, they were all left on their own islands and had no consistent, interactive platform of information. It was difficult to know if teams and departments were on the same page and if product information was up to date.

Movado Group saw the need for the digital transformation of its design and product development processes. It was looking for a system that could get product information into one system for all teams across the globe to access 24/7.

Value Drivers

  • Increase Operational Efficiency to Deliver the Right Products to Market
  • Enable Data-Driven Product Decisions Through Increased Visibility & Collaboration

Customer Outcome

One Platform for All Teams Leads to Operational Efficiency

Implementing one system for all teams across many functions including design, development, marketing, demand planning, and supply chain provided Movado Group with a simple and efficient workspace all in one system.

Now, internal stakeholders have 24/7 access to accurate and current product information. This alleviates friction across teams, reduces errors, and provides a seamless workflow throughout each design and development stage.

By empowering an efficient design and development team, Movado Group has seen significant positive business outcomes:

  • Holistic product visibility and tracking
  • Informed decisions through insights and history
  • Centralized record system
  • Increased agility and decision-making
  • Seamless cross-functional collaboration


Download the case study here:

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