Supply Chain Visibility Survey Report

Unveiling Supply Chain Blind Spots: A Deep Dive into Retail Challenges & Solutions

Today’s consumer market is fast-paced and shifting every second, which is why retailers and brands face challenges regarding proactive supply chain management. In this report, we investigate how retailers try to keep pace with quick-to-click customers, the various pitfalls that arise, and why so many companies often forgo using technologies that provide end-to-end visibility across the supply chain.

In partnership with Sourcing Journal, 123 retail and supply chain professionals were surveyed to discover how they approach supply chain visibility. The results are concerning and reveal a near-total breakdown in supply chain visibility leading to costly overstocks and missed opportunities.

Findings include:

  • 70% of retailers say late shipments affect margins by 5% or more
  • 56% of retailers hold more than three weeks’ worth of safety stock due to poor supply chain visibility
  • 32% of respondents experience late product shipments up to 75% of the time


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