The State of Retail Supply Chains &
Sourcing Strategies in 2024


Introducing “The State of Retail Supply Chains & Sourcing Strategies in 2024”

A Research Report by Bamboo Rose and The Interline

Bamboo Rose and The Interline are proud to present the highly anticipated survey findings report, “The State of Retail Supply Chains & Sourcing Strategies in 2024”. This comprehensive report offers unprecedented insights into the current landscape of global retail supply chains and sourcing strategies, shaping the future of the industry.

The survey engaged a diverse panel of brand and retail organizations worldwide, ranging from industry giants to emerging players. The findings shed light on the sentiments, challenges, and successes of industry leaders navigating the complexities of modern sourcing and supply chain management.

Key Findings from Brands & Retailers:

Technology Potential

Only 34% are happy with their current technology stack, highlighting the need for change, consolidation, and innovation.

Visibility Concerns

A staggering 67% report “fair” or “lacking” visibility into key supply chain metrics, indicating the need for improved transparency.

Manual Processes

Alarmingly, more than 55% still primarily use spreadsheets, email, and attachments to manage their sourcing and supply chain processes.

Prioritizing Objectives

The survey underscores that brands and retailers are prioritizing profitability, supply chain resilience, and speed to market as crucial objectives.

Exclusive Insights from Retail Industry Executives:

The report features poignant quotes from retail sourcing and supply chain executives, offering firsthand perspectives on the challenges and opportunities within the industry:

“Brands and suppliers need to come together.”

“Interoperability between manufacturers’ and brands’ systems is at the root of these challenges.”

“Current market conditions have caused an unprecedented boomerang effect, affecting suppliers’ ability to plan.”


Empowering Industry Transformation

“The State of Retail Supply Chains & Sourcing Strategies in 2024” aims to empower industry stakeholders with actionable insights to drive transformation. From improving supplier relationships to addressing technological deficiencies, the report serves as a roadmap for navigating the evolving retail landscape.

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to shape the future of supply chain and sourcing strategies. Get your copy of “The State of Retail Supply Chains & Sourcing Strategies in 2024” today and stay ahead of the competition.

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