How a Next-Gen Sourcing Strategy Increases Agility & Accelerates Time to Market

Revolutionizing Sourcing Approaches: Unleashing Agility & Turbocharging Time to Market through Next-Gen Strategies

As retailers manage widespread sourcing and supply chain disruption, they must also account for and respond to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) pressure from consumers, investors, and regulators.

Maintaining awareness of the many layers of ESG metrics is further complicated by the dynamics of material shortages, logistics challenges, and supplier instability.

A next-gen sourcing strategy can enable retailers to master the surety of supply, wield greater control over time to market, execute ESG plans, and better manage margins and costs.

In this white paper, you’ll learn key benefits that a modern approach to next-gen sourcing can deliver, including:

  • Holistic costing strategies
  • ESG and data transparency
  • Agile purchasing
  • Supplier diversification

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McKinsey speculates that retailer
performance could decrease by 40%
Only 48% of retailers have a strategy to
digitize their end-to-end supply chain
A digital control tower can reduce
excess inventory by 30% or more

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