What Happens When Retail Supply Chain Tech Unites? More Visibility.

Enhance your retail tech stack with Bamboo Rose Global Sourcing.

67% of Retailers & Brands Report Insufficient Visibility into Key Supply Chain Metrics.

Unleash the Power of End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility with Bamboo Rose Sourcing.

Global Sourcing


Reduce time to market and sampling costs using a global digital sourcing platform that seamlessly connects retailers, brands, and suppliers globally.

  • Drill into the financial impact of designs, materials, assortments, and review against plans to achieve margin targets at the department, banner, or company level.
  • Increase efficiency and improve margins with online comparison of quotes and negotiations with suppliers.
  • Minimize risk and drive product quality through deep vendor management and transparency.
  • Enhance flexibility and visibility by seamlessly integrating into existing processes and technology ecosystems. 

“With Bamboo Rose, we’ll be able to engage with suppliers across multiple growth stages, expand global offerings and make more efficient decisions.”

Vice President of Product Global Sourcing


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