Case Study

Streamlining Operations: Eagle Creek’s Time-Saving Journey with Backbone PLM

Customer Challenge

Outdated Processes with Excel & PDFs

Eagle Creek, a company specializing in adventure travel gear, confronted significant challenges in managing its product data. The company relied on a patchwork of Excel spreadsheets and PDFs to track product information, which proved inefficient and a high-risk of errors.

For instance, making a simple change to product details required updates across multiple documents, leading to duplicated efforts and increased risk of inaccuracies. This fragmented system not only hindered the maintenance of accurate data but also complicated the onboarding process for new employees, impacting their productivity.

Moreover, warranty management posed another hurdle, as tracking and replacing parts for older products involved a labor-intensive process of navigating through decades’ worth of disparate data. This labor intensive process not only wasted valuable time but also risked delays in customer service. The team needed a more streamlined approach to manage its product lifecycle.

Customer Outcome

Save Time & More Efficiency

Backbone PLM revolutionized Eagle Creek’s product lifecycle management by consolidating all product information into a unified platform. This integration significantly reduced time and effort for data management, minimized errors, and enhanced product data accuracy.

A key improvement was the significant time saved. Previously, reconciling cross-documents, such as artwork and Excel files with BOMs, required updating two separate documents for each change. With Backbone PLM, this inefficiency was effectively eliminated, cutting update time in half.

The PLM system also efficiently managed long-term warranties and replacements, aligning with Eagle Creek’s commitment to sustainability and customer satisfaction. Overall, Backbone PLM streamlined operations and empowered Eagle Creek to achieve its strategic objectives, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness across the board.

Business Outcomes


  • Save time in product development process

  • Access and insights to data across teams

  • Centralized system of record

  • Empower an efficient design & development team

Value Drivers


  • Increase Operational Efficiency to Deliver the Right Products to Market

  • Enable Data-Driven Product Decisions Through Increased Visibility & Collaboration

Backbone PLM helped us eliminate the need to update both artwork and BOM Excel files separately, saving us an immeasurable amount
of time.

Randy Kleiner

VP of Product, Eagle Creek

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