Varley Streamlines Product Development Processes for Efficiency & Growth

Customer Challenge

 Outdated Processes with Excel

Varley is a contemporary fashion brand that strives to create an elevated everyday wardrobe for how the modern woman lives and moves.

However, outdated processes, including Excel-based tech packs, led to inefficiencies within their design and development teams.

Duplicate files and time-consuming formatting hampered communication with manufacturing partners, while a lack of visibility during the design phase hindered informed decision-making and changes before production.

As a result, Varley sought a streamlined PLM solution to transform their product development processes and drive supply chain efficiency for growth and retail success.

Value Drivers

  • Increase Operational Efficiency to Deliver the Right Products to
  • Enable Data-Driven Product Decisions Through Increased Visibility & Collaboration

Customer Outcome

Streamlined Processes & Efficiency

Varley’s adoption of Backbone PLM has ushered in a transformative era in their product development processes across various teams, product lines, and global markets.

The transition from Excel has proven to be a game-changer. Previously, managing carryover styles consumed 15 minutes per item. With the new system, this task now only takes about 5 minutes, freeing up valuable time for the team to allocate more efficiently.

Furthermore, the adoption of digitized tech packs and improved vendor communication has significantly streamlined Varley’s workflow. This
seamless integration has empowered their teams to swiftly detect and rectify errors and duplication, minimizing disruptions and costly production setbacks. With the reduction of time-consuming manual tasks, the team’s efficiency has soared, fostering collaboration during the design and development phases.

This sets Varley on a clear path towards ongoing product development innovation and sustained success!

The business outcomes include:

  • Save 2/3 time in product development process
  • Reduce design & development errors
  • Empowering an efficient design & development team


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“Backbone PLM has improved efficiency in our product development process, particularly with carryover styles, reducing time spent by two-thirds.”

Senior Product Developer