Case Study

Pact Enhances Efficiency & Scalability by Centralizing Data with Backbone PLM

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Customer Challenge

Outdated Processes with Excel & Google

Pact, a leading sustainable clothing brand, faced significant challenges as it grew rapidly, especially in onboarding new team members due to scattered data management across Google Drive.

Initially relying on tools like Excel and Google Sheets, the company struggled with data inconsistencies and inefficiencies as it expanded. The lack of a centralized system made it difficult to maintain accurate documentation and retrieve information, hindering productivity and operational efficiency.

These inefficiencies were particularly problematic when duplicating styles for different seasons, a crucial aspect of the fashion brand’s operations. Additionally, the scattered data across systems made it cumbersome to retrieve accurate information, which hindered the team’s productivity and operational efficiency. The team needed a solution to streamline its operations.

Customer Outcome

Streamlined Processes & Efficiency

Pact addressed its operational challenges by adopting Backbone PLM, a modern platform that centralized all product data, enhancing consistency and documentation.

This centralization not only streamlined access to past styles and ensured data accuracy but also simplified the onboarding process for new hires and freelancers. The ease of integrating new team members significantly reduced the time and effort traditionally required for training, allowing Pact to scale operations more effectively and efficiently.

The system’s efficiency led to significant business improvements for Pact: substantial time savings, increased productivity, enhanced decision-making capabilities, and improved communication with team members and vendors through shared folders. Looking forward, Pact aims to expand the use of Backbone PLM to include other departments like photography and merchandising, leveraging its scalability to meet expanding business needs and further integrate their operations.

Business Outcomes


  • Save time in product development process

  • Access and insights to data across teams

  • Centralized system of record

  • Empower an efficient design & development team

Value Drivers


  • Increase Operational Efficiency to Deliver the Right Products to Market

  • Enable Data-Driven Product Decisions Through Increased Visibility & Collaboration

“Backbone PLM has simplified onboarding, saving time and enabling seamless scalability for our fast-growing company.”

Allie Salter

Director, Product Development & Production, Pact

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