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UX for success: 3 traits that deliver great user experiences

Having a good product or service is important, but in the age of hyperconnected users and thousands of alternative options, creating a great experience is even more crucial for the lasting success of any business. In the digital era, when a user can switch over to a new cloud-based service or app easily, it’s more critical than ever that businesses offer an experience that goes beyond simply meeting the user’s most basic needs. Taking the time to make sure that user experience (UX) is outstanding across desktop, mobile and beyond has more of an impact on your business than you might think: A survey conducted by Google found that 48 percent of users say that if they arrive on a business site that isn’t working well on mobile, that they take it as an indication of the business simply not caring.


Whether you’re aiming to improve the UX of your product, or looking for a solution that offers your team a better experience, these three traits can serve as guide:


Intuitive: There is a reason that on our computer “desktops” there are files, folders, a clock and even sticky notes. These digital tools are presented in a way that intuitively mimics their analog counterparts on your actual While this seems second nature to us today, it was an important step in the process of getting the average office worker comfortable with using a computer. All user experiences should follow that philosophy: Help your users do what they already know how to do, better.


Visual: While tools like Excel spreadsheets might be useful in some scenarios, in most cases tools are more effective when they’re visually appealing. There’s a reason that apps that win UX awards are often described as beautiful. Clutter is the enemy of UX, so any company prioritizing UX should pay attention to its product’s digital feng shui.


Sharable: One of the things that makes social media so contagious is that all the content is sharable. Whether it’s a meme, a news article or a family photo, being able to send your experience along to other people is part of what keeps you coming back for more. Even the tools that are used in internal business environments can take a cue from this: People are at their most engaged when they can share and collaborate with their peers.


In a business environment rife with digital tools, there’s no way to separate user experience from satisfaction – they’re inextricably tied. In the mobile world for example, 90 percent of survey respondents have reported that they stopped using an app due to poor performance. No matter what kind of digital product or service your company is offering or looking to use, it’s imperative not to underrate the importance of user experience.


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