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Stocking the top gifts of 2017: A retail Christmas story

‘Twas months before Black Friday, most were at the beach

Sourcing managers were scurrying – not enough coffee in reach


What would be the top gifts? What supply do we need?

Designers, developers, suppliers – all working at consumer speed


Throwbacks are for more than Instragram posts,

Turntables, vinyl and Polaroids are what millennials want most.

How about Alexa, Google Home or anything Star Wars

Fingerling monkeys and FitBits to keep our step scores?


Any could win must-have status in only five weeks of shopping

Will their friends want to Snap that gift? Which one do we gamble on being chart-topping?

Check the Bamboo Rose virtual showroom and for the latest in textiles

How about some AR to digitally spin those cashmere scarfs around Tony Stark-style?


Ok – say we stock the best gift of the year, what then?

Can our supply chain keep up, what could breakdown? When?

What if we ship through Dubai, will customs rules be in flux again?


Diligently, our sourcing heroes toiled away,

Through back-to-school and pumpkin spice lattes

Collaborating, sampling, ordering, and rose clipping night and day.


Quick break for turkey then back at it they flew.

Black Friday! We made it. Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday, too.

Only a couple more weeks before we evaluate holiday revenues.


And with their PLM systems running full steam,

Integrated with cool tools, GTM – what a dream!

They started planning for 2018.


With next year’s holiday season already in sight,

Merry sourcing to all and to all a good night.