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Sergio Tacchini Implements Backbone in Less than 45 Days to Prepare for Scale

For over 50 years, Sergio Tacchini has redefined traditional sports and lifestyle apparel both on and off the court. Founded in 1966 by Italian tennis champion of the same name, the brand has gained worldwide recognition for it’s sportswear and athleisure garments. While traditionally produced for tennis, Sergio Tacchini has expanded their line of sportswear to cover everything from sailing, basketball, golf, and even streetwear subculture in recent years. 

While the brand has experienced great success in the market for over 50 years, Sergio Tacchini also recognized parts of their design and development processes could be improved–namely, a central source of truth where all design needs could exist in one organized place where the whole team could access it. But there wasn’t a moment to waste, and Sergio Tacchini needed a solution to implement as quickly as possible. 

Enter Backbone: through Backbone’s smooth and concise onboarding process, the team at Sergio Tacchini was able to fully onboard and implement the PLM solution in just 45 days.

To learn more, read our latest case study to see how Backbone PLM supports Sergio Tacchini’s scalability through their swift and easy onboarding process.