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Recent Product Updates: September & October 2021

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At Backbone PLM, we work hard to optimize our platform to improve functionality for design and development teams. Over the past few months, Backbone has implemented a few changes that our customers will truly appreciate. Follow along as we discuss our latest product updates.

Images Without Captions

If you prefer a blank slate in your image upload process, teams now have the option to clear captions for images. In the app, it will show “No Caption Set,” and in your tech pack, the caption will be blank.

Swatches Without Images

In Backbone, there is a new icon for swatches that do not include an image. Anywhere within the app your swatch thumbnail is displayed, it will appear with no image. This includes Bill of Materials (BOM), Component Utilization Report (BCUR), Product Summary, Component Variants, and Tech Pack creation.

Contact Us Via Live Chat

As of October 12, 2021, Backbone offers a live chat feature for on-demand, in-app support from anywhere. Chat live with one of our superstar Support Reps on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. (MST)

Line Sheet Sorting Options

With improved custom sorting options, Backbone users can customize the sort order of line sheets to display products in the order you desire. Sort by category, launch date, style status, and more, and take advantage of dynamically updated data in real-time. And when you’re sorting by a dropdown value in the line sheet, the sort order will respect the admin-configured order for the values on that field.

Key benefits include: 

    • Sorting products based on Taxonomy (category, season, year), or Custom Field (delivery, factory, launch date)
    • Sorting based on one or more product attributes 
    • Sorting values by ascending or descending for every rule

Sharing Public Tech Pack Links

Speaking of, Backbone users can create and share a public link of your product tech pack and any associated files in seconds. From the Product Library or Item Master view, select multiple products to share tech packs with vendors using public links. Now that you can share tech packs with a public link, we are removing the legacy flow for emailing product tech packs (which involves links that expire). 

Key benefits include: 

    • Preview of tech packs in your web browser (you no longer need to download it first to view it)
    • Sharing tech packs with a public link allows non-Backbone users to have access to the tech pack and files
    • Public links for tech packs do not expire 
    • Adding any associate files as “Attachments” 
    • For multi-brand companies, the Brand Taxonomy field is now displayed on the tech pack front page.  
    • Bulk Share public links from the Item Master or Product Library (Note: A tech pack must be generated on the product first) 

See What Else is New

We look forward to improving your Backbone experience, so keep an eye out for new product updates each month. What’s up next? Bulk Add colorways and the new-and-improved View Library! And as always, keep the feedback coming! If you’re a current customer and have questions or would like additional information, our Customer Success team would love to hear from you.

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