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Q&A with Pretty Great Company

Pretty Great Company

Q&A with Pretty Great Company


Meet Mary Alayarian, Product Developer, Soft Goods @ Pretty Great Company


Pretty Great Company is a product development house that recognizes brand authenticity and product as paramount. Known for curating product for Bonfire, Nikita, Slvdr, and Sessions, the Pretty Great Company team brought all the data behind these brands under a single roof with Backbone.
We asked Mary of Pretty Great Company about their experience using Backbone, so, what’s all the hype about?

Q: Why Backbone?
“I remember the first meeting we had, my team was screaming with joy because we knew it was going to save us so much time. It was so much more intuitive than what we were doing. I was working in 3–4 different [Apps], where I had to update information before because it doesn’t all link together, right now, Backbone makes it so much easier”

Q: What’s a feature of the application you’ve found exceptionally useful?
“Line Sheets — it takes so long to make a visual line-plan on illustrator, so having Backbone create it for you is magical. In Backbone, the [Line Sheets] information is always connected to each other, so I don’t have to update it every two seconds.”

Q: How long did it take you to get familiar with the platform?
“It took literally a minute. It was very easy to navigate the site, just like how Apple makes their phones; very intuitive [at first glance]. You just press a familiar button and it’s there.”

The familiar, user-friendly design of Backbone’s interface allowed the Pretty Great Company team to get up and running as soon as their first login to the platform. Pretty Great Company has found Backbone’s library features to be highly useful in connecting data within the system between multiple products, as well as keeping their team’s material and component information consolidated across various departments. Being able to easily share product or component line reports has allowed Pretty Great’s product team to give all necessary stakeholders production information at the click of a button.

Backbone is the only modern product lifecycle management platform created by designers, for designers. Everything about the platform, from its intuitive user interface to its seamless functionalities, was built with production teams in mind. Accessible anywhere, any time, on any platform, Backbone empowers teams to communicate and collaborate more effectively, supercharging speed-to-market and profitability. Explore more at