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Pretty Great Company Finds Greater Success With Backbone’s Line Sheet Reports

Whether your passion for outdoor adventure involves exploring the unpatrolled terrain of snow-capped mountains, or the industrial jungles that occupy our cityscapes, Pretty Great, LLC is a fashion, apparel, and hardgoods brand tailored for extreme sports enthusiasts that live to ride.

Founded on the belief that authenticity is paramount for success, Pretty Great Company manages a curated collection of skateboarding and snowsports brands with compelling and unique identities. Known for managing product development for Bonfire, Nikita, Slvdr, and Sessions, Pretty Great focuses on diverse style offerings, brand messaging, and customer service to highlight the distinctive nature of each brand.

Given Pretty Great Company’s expansive product catalog, the organization knew it needed a solution to improve workflows and maintain clarity during product design and development stages. Thankfully, Backbone PLM’s dynamic Line Sheet Reports and interconnected product and component libraries store dynamically updated data to be reused, edited, or updated without manual development tools — allowing the brand to simplify development processes, organize data, and enhance collaboration efforts company-wide. 

At Pretty Great Company, it’s about hitting the perfect jump, nailing the smoothest rail, and encouraging everyone to find something they love doing. Pretty Great is more than a name, it is a means of storytelling and a commitment to support the growth of these brands and every individual that makes them great.

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