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Backbone’s Reporting Tools Help Peter Millar Better Align Collaboration Efforts

Peter Millar was founded twenty years ago with a single cashmere sweater. Crafted by the world’s best yarn spinners, the quality behind this initial garment inspired the brand’s ethos of luxury, elegance, and superior craftsmanship. 

Today, the high-end sportswear brand has expanded its collection to include luxury performance golf attire, seasonal resort apparel, refined tailored clothing, and sartorial accessories. One reason for the brand’s continued success is its willingness to evolve beyond a conventional clothing brand into something much more dynamic and distinguished.

Take the brand’s adoption of Backbone PLM for size. The cloud-based platform empowers Peter Millar’s designers and product developers to streamline every aspect of their workflow from ideation to collaboration to approvals. Backbone consolidates vital product data into one user-friendly system, so teams can efficiently make updates in real time.

Learn how Backbone and Peter Millar became the perfect fit by reading our case study below: