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NRF 2024 – 8 Key Takeaways & Themes Shaping the Future of Retail

Despite the freezing temperatures in New York City during NRF 2024 – Retail’s Big Show, the event was a hotbed of activity and excitement. Attendees braved the cold weather to gather at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, demonstrating their dedication to staying informed and connected within the retail industry.

Our team stayed warm inside, ‌connecting with retailers and brands at our booth. Several stopped by to explore innovative product development and supply chain solutions.

8 Key Takeaways and Themes Explored at NRF 2024

With an impressive list of speakers, including many of our customers, the event highlighted several key takeaways and themes that are shaping the future of retail. In this blog post, we will explore these key takeaways and discuss their implications for retailers.

1. Embracing Change: The retail industry has experienced significant change in recent years, driven by factors such as the pandemic, inflation, evolving consumer behavior, and supply chain disruptions. Retailers need to adapt their strategies to meet these changing market dynamics. This includes rethinking business models, optimizing supply chains, and embracing new technologies to stay competitive in the evolving retail landscape.


2. Customer Centricity: Putting the customer at the center of everything is crucial for retailers. The rise of e-commerce, curbside pickup, and delivery has highlighted the importance of an omnichannel strategy. Retailers must provide a seamless and unified experience across all channels, personalizing content, offers, and promotions based on customer preferences. By prioritizing customer centricity, retailers can enhance customer loyalty and drive growth.


3. Employee Experience: Employee experience plays a significant role in delivering exceptional customer experiences. Retailers need to invest in purposeful automation to streamline routine tasks and empower employees to focus on more meaningful activities. By creating a positive work environment and providing the right tools and training, retailers can foster employee engagement and improve overall customer satisfaction.


4. Leveraging Technology: Building a strong technological foundation is essential for retailers. Digitizing business processes and leveraging technology enables retailers to unlock more innovative capabilities such as artificial intelligence (AI) and GenAI. Finding the right balance between technology and the human element is crucial. While automation can handle routine tasks, hiring the right people who can focus on creativity and relationship-building is equally important.

5. Innovation: Innovation is a critical factor shaping the future of retail. Retailers at NRF 2024 showcased their experimentation with innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and GenAI. These technologies are being applied in various areas, including marketing, service, and merchandising. By embracing innovation, retailers can enhance customer experiences, optimize operations, and stay ahead of the competition.


6. Harnessing Data: Data has become a valuable asset for retailers. From collecting and analyzing data to developing common data standards, retailers need to build the capabilities to leverage data effectively. However, it’s important to strike a balance and be okay with “good enough” data. Starting somewhere, learning, and iterating is key to harnessing the power of data for better decision-making and customer insights.

7. Supplier Collaboration: Supplier collaboration emerged as a significant theme during NRF 2024, highlighting the importance of fostering strong relationships with suppliers. Retailers emphasized the need for proactive and deeper collaboration with suppliers to drive success in the “owned brand” space.


To address these challenges, retailers are seeking ways to enhance collaboration with suppliers. This includes implementing more structured and standardized processes for supplier management, establishing clear communication channels, and leveraging technology to streamline collaboration. By fostering stronger relationships with suppliers, retailers can improve product quality, reduce lead times, and enhance overall supply chain efficiency.




8. Sustainability: Sustainability is a key focus for retailers. NRF 2024 highlighted the importance of building a sustainable and reliable supply chain. Retailers recognize that sustainability is not only crucial for environmental responsibility but also for long-term business success. Collaboration with retail partners who share the same commitment to sustainability is essential. By working together, retailers can drive positive change, reduce their environmental impact, and meet the growing demand for sustainable products and practices.


NRF 2024 provided valuable insights into the future of retail. Embracing change, prioritizing customer centricity, investing in employee experience, leveraging technology, harnessing data, embracing supplier collaboration, and focusing on innovation and sustainability are key themes that retailers need to consider.

By embracing these takeaways and adapting their strategies accordingly, retailers can position themselves for success in the ever-evolving retail landscape.


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