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NRF 2019: Five Sessions You’ve Got to See

This January, Bamboo Rose will be shipping off to New York City and showcasing our multi-enterprise product and supply chain platform at NRF 2019: Retail’s Big Show. We’ll be at booth 4827, giving product demonstrations, chatting with fellow attendees, and spreading the word about Bamboo Rose. We’re also super excited to see some of the featured panel discussions. Out of the 50+ sessions scheduled for the three-day event, we’ve cherrypicked a few that have caught our eye. Check ‘em out:


A Long View on Logistics and the Future of Fulfillment


When: Sunday, January 13th


Where: Innovation Stage, Level Four


Time: 2:45pm – 3:15pm


Consumers want items fast, and they want them now. That’s why retailers race to meet the demand for soon-as-possible delivery. In exploring new models and emerging technologies like robots, delivery drones, and self-driving vehicles, companies hope to find speedy solutions. Join moderator Andrew Lipsman (Principal Analyst, eMarketer) and fellow panelists Brett Bonner (VP, Research and Development, Kruger), Bala Ganesh (VP, Corporate Engineering, UPS), and David Hardiman-Evans (SVP, North America, Ocado Group) discuss the risks and opportunities available in this consumer-driven climate. Also, make sure to check out our supply chain visibility report for more insight into PLM efficiency.



On Top of the World: Commanding Today’s International Retail Markets


When: Monday, January 14th


Where: Main Stage, Qualtrics Theater, Level One


Time: 9:30am – 10:00am


Leading retailers want to grow big, and that means taking business across the globe. By gaining access to new customers in untapped markets, retailers can drive big sales and increase ownership in unique markets. But before expanding overseas, companies need to develop a global strategy and identify value propositions, operational capabilities, and organizational structures. In this panel, listen in as moderator Ian McGarrigle (Chairman, World Retail Congress) sits with J. Michael Evans (President, Alibaba Group), and Alex Gourley (Co-COO, Walgreens Boots Alliance) and discusses what it takes to grow business beyond domestic borders. For more information, read our blog, “Mitigating Risk in International Trade.”



What Grocery Retail Will Look Like in 2030


When: Tuesday, January 15th


Where: Innovation Stage, Level Four


Time: 9:30am – 10:00am


In this session, take a trip back to the future. Join Kantar Consulting’s David Marcotte as he presents the company’s latest report on the future of grocery retailing. Learn some of the survey’s key findings, like how stores plan to meet the needs of digitally-enabled shoppers, how complex automation will evolve, and what investments will most likely pump up profitability. You can even read our very own Ann Diamante’s take on digital innovation in grocery retail here.



Breaking Blockchain: Demystifying its Future for Retail


When: Tuesday, January 15th


Where: EXPO Hall, Stage Two, Level One


Time: 10:30am – 11:15am


Blockchain technology: confusing, disruptive, valuable? While most retailers don’t accept cryptocurrency payments, they’re also quick to admit that blockchain technology may hold the answers to operational and logistical challenges. Learn the pros and cons from expert panelists David Bouffard (VP, Corporate Affairs, Signet Jewelers), Ken Seiff (Managing Director, Blockchange Ventures), John Wantz (CEO, EVERY*), and moderator Mike Dudas (Founder and CEO, The Block). Want to bone up beforehand? Read our blog, “Emerging Trends in Blockchain for Retail and Supply Chains.”



How AI and Cloud are Fueling Innovation in Retail


When: Tuesday, January 15th


Where: EXPO Hall, Stage Five, Level Three


Time: 11:30am – 12:30pm


Enabled by the rapid evolution of technology and big data capabilities, retailers today face significant challenges when it comes to connecting with consumers, driving them to take action, and accelerating business with better intelligence. Sponsored by Google Cloud, this session will teach you how to harness the power of your own data sets to better serve customers across the value chain. For more information, check out our blog, “AI in Retail: Enhancing the Human Element.”



Planning on heading to NRF 2019? Swing by booth 4827 and say hello! Better yet, schedule a meeting with us ahead of time.