Sourcing Journal: Why Retailers Struggle to Scale Multi-Market Buying and Selling

by | Jan 5, 2022

Retailers must source and sell multiple product categories across multiple markets and geographies to achieve any real revenue and customer growth in 2022.

But managing multi-market and product complexity can be difficult and costly. Without certain technologies and processes in place, retailers risk wasting time and money due to siloed, inefficient communication and duplicative processes.

In a recent article featured in Sourcing Journal, we outline how retailers can overcome multi-market complexity to maximize efficiencies and revenue across all product categories, markets, and geographies when sourcing and selling.

Implementing technologies that ensure business partner connectivity, de-duplicate administrative processes, and enable streamlined communication across all external and internal teams and partners helps retailers reduce lost sales, logistics issues, and production snags.

Read the full article here to find out how retailers can turn multi-market complexity into a measurable competitive differentiator.