PYMNTS: Data Payments, Unlock Supply Chain Efficiencies

by | Jan 4, 2022

The uptick in supply chain disruptions that began at the start of the pandemic underscored the importance of end-to-end visibility for retailers across the globe.

In a recent interview with, Bamboo Rose CEO Sue Welch emphasized the importance of implementing technology that enables retailers to more easily communicate and collaborate with their supplier partners to ensure surety of supply during periods of uncertainty.

“All the suppliers have shortages, so as they look to allocate out capacity and production, they’re looking and saying, ‘Who partnered with us early? Who could we work with that could help us drive down not just their own cost but our cost? So, I think the surety of supply and working with vendors, we certainly see that’s top of mind for everybody,” Welch said.

Supply chain visibility and close supplier partnerships benefit customers as well. A comprehensive multi-enterprise platform (MEP) that fosters complete transparency across the supply chain helps retailers communicate accurate delivery times to customers, which reduces frustrations around delays.

Check out the full article here for more insights into how complete supply chain visibility secures surety of supply, boosts customer satisfaction, and reduces the impact of supply chain disruptions.