Bamboo Rose Partners With TradeLinkOne To Streamline Shipping and Labeling for Retailers, Suppliers, and Manufacturers

by | Nov 9, 2021

A new connector between Bamboo Rose and TradeLinkOne providing accurate data intelligence will simplify and accelerate the shipping, labeling, and customs processes

Boston – November 9, 2021 – Bamboo Rose, the Boston-based Multi-Enterprise Platform connecting clients with industry business partners involved in global sourcing and supply chain management, recently launched a new partnership with TradeLinkOne, a Supply Chain Solutions company, to streamline shipping, labeling, customs, and logistics for manufacturers, retailers, and suppliers.

As part of this partnership, Bamboo Rose will feed instructions on carton packing and container packing based on Bamboo Rose Purchase Orders (POs) directly to TradeLinkOne through a new connector.

TradeLinkOne will leverage guidance from Bamboo Rose POs to accurately inform factory employees about carton placement and packing restrictions through a scannable barcode. These instructions will ensure products are packed into the correct carton and container. Once containers are packed, TradeLinkOne will automatically send Advanced Ship Notices (ASNs) to retailers through the Bamboo Rose platform.

This newest integration boosts data accessibility and accuracy to streamline containerizations and simplify the shipping process. The connector helps to accelerate product packing, reduce the risk that containers will be packed with the wrong carton of goods, and reduce the risk of misplaced inventory.

Additionally, the new connector will accelerate customs clearance and reduce costs associated with customs by improving container contents data accuracy. Feeding accurate packing information directly to TradeLinkOne through the Bamboo Rose platform will also improve the chances of importers being certified as self-filers, which further reduces the cost of shipping by eliminating the need for a customs broker.

Scan and pack capabilities offered through TradeLinkOne and Bamboo Rose will also enable logistics stakeholders to leverage cross-docking to achieve faster deliveries, reducing efforts at distribution centers and ensuring retailers have the flexibility needed to enable direct drop shipments.

Ultimately, this integration will provide suppliers, manufacturers, and retailers with complete product visibility from the factory to store shelves to reduce the time and expense associated with shipping.

The level of data accessibility and transparency provided by Bamboo Rose also enables retailers to send more personalized product assortments to different geographies and markets based on sales data per demographic.

“Given the current supply chain climate, I’m very excited about our work with TradeLinkOne to simplify logistics and reduce risk during shipping,” said Bamboo Rose CEO Sue Welch. “We are confident combining intelligent product and purchase order data from Bamboo Rose with TradeLinkOne’s lightweight scan and pack solutions will help to improve agility and accuracy at each step of the supply chain. Our users will see measurable improvements from faster, more accurate shipping and labeling.”

This partnership furthers Bamboo Rose and TradeLinkOne’s mission of improving digital communication and coordination between suppliers, manufacturers, and retailers for a more transparent supply chain.

TradeLinkOne Solutions place a premium on providing “first-mile” accurate shipment information with complete shipment visibility. TradeLink utilizes cloud-based technology coupled with the latest in bar-coding and messaging technologies.

About TradeLinkOne
TradeLinkOne is a leading provider of packing and shipping solutions for global importers.

TradeLinkOne’s web-based application is easily customized to customer specifications. It contains shipment information from the Buyer’s purchase order, supplier’s packing list, invoice and other shipment status information. In addition to these shipment principals of accuracy and visibility, customers use TradeLinkOne’s platform to support advanced distribution processes such as origin direct, dc bypass, and parcel package Shipments. With the use of RFID technology solutions, TradeLinkOne is supporting a number of their customers with their serialization and traceability goals.

Behind the scenes, TradeLinkOne allows all supply chain trading partners to create, send, receive, acknowledge, and display electronic business documents and shipment information securely. It has the ability to link all of the parties in the supply chain including Buyers, Logistic Service Providers, Suppliers, and Financial Parties globally. TradeLinkOne works in more than 400 customer supply chains, is installed in over 10,000 vendors globally and has 19 offices world-wide.

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About Bamboo Rose
Bamboo Rose is the industry-leading Multi-Enterprise Product and Supply Chain Platform, connecting the entire retail community and helping companies bring great products to market faster, more efficiently, and at higher margins. The platform features a suite of patented supply chain solutions, including Bamboo Rose Marketplace, Product Lifecycle Management, Sourcing, Purchase Order Management, Global Trade Management, and Financing, each one supported by intelligent engines for optimization, costing, and scheduling across the platform.

Bamboo Rose serves over 250K user members across 85 major retailers, 400 brands, and 35,000 suppliers and service providers, helping them discover, develop, and deliver products at digital speed.

Learn more at Bamboo Rose, or find us on Twitter at @GoBambooRose.

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