Bamboo Rose Brings New Level of Transparency, Visibility, and Traceability to Food & Formulated Retailers and Brands

by | Apr 4, 2022

New additions to the Bamboo Rose Multi-Enterprise Platform in 2022R1 enable food & formulated organizations to improve supply chain traceability, food safety, and partner collaboration

BOSTON – 5 April 2022 – Bamboo Rose, the Boston-based Multi-Enterprise Platform (MEP) connecting clients with industry partners across the complete product lifecycle, today announced its latest product release providing new capabilities optimized to support traceability, transparency, collaboration, and sustainability for food & formulated retailers and brands.

Extended Allergen Traceability capabilities across raw materials, products, partners, and production facilities provide real-time and ongoing monitoring of potential contaminants in tandem with business partners, ensuring accurate consumer communication and reducing the risk of common compliance failures.

Specifically, Smart Tags provide retailers with a view of each sub-formula’s composition, allergens, and raw material suppliers. They also identify sub-formulas that may be a source of ingredients of concern. Additionally, a No Allergens Present Indicator helps vendors provide required allergen information with a single click to reduce administrative effort associated with checking for allergens across products.

New product packaging support for Nutrition Label Formats, Packaging Languages, and Systems of Measurement enables organizations to easily leverage central product information as they distribute and sell products globally to significantly reduce administrative overhead and risk. The platform now also has extended packaging capabilities with integrated packaging platforms to support Pre-Flight Verification, which ensures product and packaging alignment with regional regulations.

New Recipe Management support allows retailers to leverage raw ingredient and product formulations across multiple consumer delivery and packaging models, while Variety Packs enable the re-use of formulations by both internal and external contributors, facilitating centralized control for formulation and related nutrition, claims, and allergens.

In addition to improving supply chain traceability and product transparency, this newest release also includes capabilities designed to streamline cross-functional activities to support greater levels of collaboration. Extended support for Teams Management enables automation of task assignments across multiple linked products to reduce duplicative efforts and improve cross-functional alignment.

These newest additions to the Bamboo Rose platform empower food & formulated retailers and brands with the tools to further improve supply chain traceability, maintain product safety, and achieve goals related to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) and consumer safety initiatives.

Bamboo Rose is the industry-leading Multi-Enterprise Product and Supply Chain Platform, connecting the entire retail community and helping companies bring great products to market faster, more efficiently, and at higher margins. The platform features a suite of patented supply chain solutions, including Bamboo Rose B2B Marketplace, Product Lifecycle Management, Sourcing, Purchase Order Management, Global Trade Management, and Financing, each one supported by intelligent engines for optimization, costing, and scheduling across the platform.

Public Relations Contact:
Jennifer Schiffman
Chief Marketing Officer