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New Belfast office brings opportunity for growth and innovation

“But real adventures, I reflected, do not happen to people who remain at home: They must be sought abroad.”


Irish novelist and poet James Joyce included this thought in a collection of short stories depicting early 20th century life in the city of Dublin, and the sentiment still holds true today.


In recent years, Northern Ireland has become a magnet for technological innovation, with more than 700 U.S. companies recently expanding operations to the Emerald Isle. Now, Bamboo Rose is joining the adventure and continuing its investment in European customers with a new office in Belfast.


By expanding operations in Northern Ireland, we’re increasing our technological presence and bringing our support and services to the larger global retail community. Supported by Invest Northern Ireland, we’ll be bringing on board up to 75 new employees in the Belfast office. The new location will focus on software development and engineering, supporting the needs of our customers across Europe.


Drawing from nearby educational institutions, the Belfast office will aid Bamboo Rose’s mission to make even greater strides in developing mobile and software offerings. Ultimately, we aim to drive significant growth in our technology operations in the next few years, powering greater innovation to better connect the international retail community.


The Belfast joins the Bamboo Rose network, with includes offices in Gloucester, Boston, London, Bangalore and Hong Kong, connecting retailers from across North America, EMEA and Asia.


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