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#BuiltWithBackbone: How Movado Streamlined, Well, Everything With Backbone

#BuiltWithBackbone: How Movado Streamlined, Well, Everything With Backbone


We’re big believers in the old adage “Show, don’t tell.” Especially when it comes Backbone. We could talk until we’re blue in the face (and very happily will!) about the ways Backbone will streamline your product development process, but isn’t it so much more interesting to see how another business actually streamlined their product development process with Backbone?

Up this week: Movado, legendary watchmakers since 1881.

The Challenge: A Duct Tape Solution

Before Backbone, Movado Group was using what they described as a “duct tape solution.” Emails were being copied and pasted, spreadsheets were scattered, and large files were difficult to access and share.

“To tell you how it worked — it just didn’t work,” says Rebecca Bonvissuto, VP of Product Development. “You didn’t know if you had the most updated information.”

The Solution: A Single Source of Truth

With Backbone, Movado Group found a way to build a universal repository for all of their images, specs, and communications. Today, most of the day-to-day running of Movado’s development process takes place inside Backbone alone — replacing nearly half a dozen “duct tape solutions” with one single source of truth.

The Adoption: “White Glove” Customer Support 

Even though the Movado Group executive team saw Backbone as a “best-of-breed tool for design-led brands,” they “expected far more push back” from the design and development teams when first implemented. But they were surprised when adoption came without friction. The “white glove” customer support Backbone gave made all the difference. There was “never a hesitation to just do whatever we needed,” said Bonvissuto.

The Result: A Streamlined Process & Agile Workflow

“Backbone allowed us to eliminate multiple tools and put everything in a single box,” says Ms. Bonvissuto. “Through adopting Backbone’s agile framework, we are setting the stage for the next phase of our business, in which our motto is, Think big and act small.

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