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Mack Weldon chooses Backbone to supercharge their product development and design teams.


Founded in 2012, Mack Weldon is an NYC-based innovative menswear brand that caught media and consumer attention with their customer-experience-centric e-commerce website, and backed it up with a product offering of quality, comfortable, and classic underwear, t-shirts, and other basics. Designing their own fabrics and having a diligent design process helps them create a products that fit the same each time. Since their inception, Mack Weldon has seen tremendous growth and popularity among their target market, and have since expanded their product line to offer everything from swimwear to dress jackets and vests. 

We are excited to have the opportunity to partner with another DTC superstar in the apparel and accessories space, and are looking forward to empowering the Mack Weldon design and development teams to create their products faster, smarter, and better.

Backbone will help Mack Weldon establish a central source of truth for product information and details using our unique dynamic data libraries. Our modern, cloud-based platform will also allow the brand to get out of the “duct-tape” workflow, which consists of a mix of excel spreadsheets, AI files, dropbox links, and more.

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