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JUST CLIP IT: 4 Reasons to Try Rose Clipper Today

Since we announced our new Rose Clipper tool – for retail design teams and suppliers to share ideas and co-create amazing products – we have been getting some great feedback and hundreds of downloads.  Here are just four reasons to check out Rose Clipper today:

Capture images that inspire you in real time: Easily clip images on the web right as you’re looking at them, so there’s no chance of forgetting a great idea you came across earlier. Even use Rose Clipper on the go while traveling, on a mobile device, waiting in line at the farmer’s market or on an evening run.

Create a shareable image library: Gone are the days of manually clipping paper images to a physical “mood board.” Rose Clipper enables users to conveniently and more easily pull images from wherever they find inspiration and create visual storyboards or “wishlists” that can be immediately shared with your community.

Protect your intellectual property: Unlike public tools, like Pinterest, Rose Clipper shares images only to your community in the Bamboo Rose Marketplace, reducing the risk of exposing ideas to competitors.

Centralize your ideas: Rather than relying on saving photos and ideas to individual devices, organize your big ideas in one location that allows for easy sharing across teams. With one click (or clip!), images are instantly loaded onto a team’s wishlist and they’re ready for feedback.

Rose Clipper is instant, seamless and, most importantly, easy, allowing retailers to stay on trend and get products to market faster. This is the new retail world—one that is digital, mobile and FUN!

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