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Introducing a supplier financing option you can take to the bank

In January, Wal-Mart announced that it was tightening the delivery windows and on-time delivery thresholds for its 3,000+ suppliers. For large suppliers, an 85 percent on-time rating is expected; smaller suppliers need to hit their windows 50 percent of the time, or face fines. As you can imagine, satisfying an account like Wal-Mart or another behemoth retailer comes with enormous demand for product. Too often, suppliers don’t have the cash on hand to keep the products flowing – and the tighter delivery windows make the whole process even more financially precarious.


The bigger the corporation, the longer the payment terms, as long as 180 days in some cases. To keep the supply chain moving, suppliers have to find working capital. Unfortunately, affordable financing can be tough to obtain, it’s not uncommon for the smallest suppliers to see interest rates as high 36 percent from traditional lenders.


That’s exactly why Bamboo Rose teamed up with Seaport Global to provide suppliers with a better financing option. The latest innovation from Bamboo Rose, invoiceXcel is a non-debt, early payment solution that provides suppliers with early payment based on the credit of the buyer (e.g., Wal-Mart), not the supplier, at lower rates than the supplier may be able to find on their own. In many cases, invoiceXcel can ensure funds are deposited the same day they are requested.


Bamboo Rose’s hybrid blockchain structure enables validation at every checkpoint in the system, providing the traceability and reliability needed to make this low-fee financing possible. We’re continuing to blaze new trails in retail, building on our emerging technology and fully mobile platform that were the first of their kind in the industry.


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