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How to increase productivity (wherever you are) #outofoffice

Here we are: The dog days of summer. It’s hot, it’s humid, and all we want to do is be by a cool body of water with a cold drink. But those deadlines and deliverables keep coming in, keep piling on. We’ve been there — and we want to help. 

Here are 5 hacks to increase productivity and efficiency wherever you are, so you can get some well-deserved, actual OOO time.

1.) Streamline your tech-stack.

This is a big one. Stop storing product information across email, spreadsheets, powerpoints, PDFs, Dropbox, and (many) more. Backbone’s cloud-based platform provides a central source of truth to house every detail of your past, current and future products. 

2.) Standardize your workflow.

Digitize your process. Templatize whenever possible. In other words: Simplify, and streamline. Doing so will create unity around team objectives and documentation, which, in turn, will let you (or your designers) design faster. Backbone’s templating functionality, for example, makes creating core and carry-over styles effortless, with the ability to create custom templates for size specifications, product records, and component records dramatically reducing duplicative efforts when a minor detail changes from one season to the next.

3.) Stay agile.

Spreadsheet, meet database. Modern brands have (and must!) move away from antiquated processes like manual data sharing. With Backbone, you can create dynamic reports in seconds — allowing for seamless and real-time collaboration across your entire team. Eliminating small, repetitive, manual tasks across the org will result in compounded time saved across the board.

4.) Make data-backed decisions.

With the markets (still) in turmoil, it’s important to make data-based decisions. Backbone’s component utilization reports can reflect the impact of a decision in seconds, allowing leadership to get an instant high-level view of short and long-term ramifications of a decision. 

5.) Give yourself (and your team) a break.

When choosing a new platform for your tech stack, make sure it’s easy to implement and easy to use. A solution that doesn’t require never-ending engineering support is a solution your designers can use with ease (and may actually enjoy using).

Ready to increase your productivity and set your brand free from dated workflows?

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