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Determined to stop the spreadsheet infestation, Free Fly got “hooked” on Backbone.

Free Fly Apparel optimized the outdoor performance shirt. Backbone optimized the Free Fly design process. Here’s how. 

“We started Free Fly after finding performance shirts were often made with plastic-y synthetics, so we took a more natural approach by developing performance bamboo blends,” says Free Fly product manager Sy Powers. “With sample feedback generated through Keynote and spec sheets housed in Excel, it became impossible to keep up with our growing product line. There were hundreds of email threads and a lot of headaches.”

“We lacked that “one source of truth” for all things product development. All it took was generating that first tech pack with Backbone, and we were hooked. Style info, tech sketches, bill of materials, and sample comments — all beautifully displayed in one clean document that could be shared with our factory partners.”

“During the pandemic, we started measuring a lot of samples at home, so the measure mode within each product record became invaluable. We were able to share measurements and collaborate on spec comments without creating hundreds of spreadsheets.”

Interested in seeing how Free Fly manages the size specification process with ease in Backbone? Check out the deep dive below on Backbone’s Size Specification module! Learn from Backbone’s Director of Solution Engineering and see a first-hand point-of-view on how brands are using the platform to save time and money on iterative sampling and size specification processes.


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