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Flylow Gear Utilizes Backbone to Track and Manage Components

Born in the mountains, built with Backbone PLM: It’s time to hit the slopes with Flylow Gear!

Started by a couple of skiers and Colorado natives, Flylow Gear’s humble beginnings began with a love for skiing and a desire to find a pair of pants that held up in the backcountry. The mission was to create a ski pant design that was lightweight, breathable, fashionable, and made to last.

After its debut in 2005, a core following of skiers immediately adopted and evangelized the brand for its sensible, no-nonsense approach to quality, reliable gear. With subsequent growth over the years, Flylow knew it needed a lift defining the consumption of products to organize data and conversions.  

To remain efficient and scale the business, the team of outdoor enthusiasts at Flylow Gear tapped into Backbone PLM to track and manage components, simplify product development workflows, and measure sustainability standards.

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