Fast Tracking Innovation with Kohl’s

“If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old.” That’s a quote from Peter Drucker, consultant, educator, and one of the most famous modern thinkers in the world of business management. It’s a simple concept in theory, but sometimes, factors like cost, bandwidth, and overall uncertainty leave businesses hesitant to pull the trigger on change. Not Kohl’s, though.


After noticing just how fragmented its supply chain ecosystem had become, Kohl’s execs knew they had to find a better way to streamline efforts and create a more efficient approach to supply chain management. For one thing, the department store retailer relied on a stand-alone PLM solution that offered no additional integrations with retail technologies. Because of this, Kohl’s was forced to execute each and every single supply chain operation using third-party platforms, resulting in a less-than-streamlined workflow. And another thing: due to its siloed ecosystem, Kohl’s had to rely on separate tools, like email and spreadsheets, to communicate directly with business partners across the supply chain. To put it bluntly, the company was working twice as hard to get half as far. That is, until we came into the picture.




Since adopting the Bamboo Rose Multi-Enterprise Product and Supply Chain Platform, Kohl’s has managed to break down those barriers, uniting its global supply chain network and inviting faster-paced product innovation to serve consumers in the new digital economy.


Want to hear more on this story? Well, you’re in luck. Next week at P.I. Apparel New York, Bamboo Rose will be teaming up with Heidi Goold, Marlon Carter, and John King of Kohl’s to share the company’s journey toward supply chain innovation and how it’s driving new initiatives across the organization. It’s not too late to register, so click here to save your spot.