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Fashion week plus: The numbers

We had our eye on Fashion Week last month, but a few other fantastic figures also hit our radar. Check out our round-up of critical February digits:


4,056 miles

Want a chic way to build your airline miles bank? If you booked a flight from New York to Milan for Fashion Week 2017, you would have received 4,056 miles, with slight variability depending on the airlines. Make sure you leave room in your carry-on for a new pair of shoes.


54% of millennials

According to a new report by Mizuho, 54 percent of millennials shop in physical stores not online, despite common misconceptions to the contrary. Instead, millennials tend to price shop online, but still want to touch and feel the quality of items before bringing out their credit card.


$143 billion

It may sound like a lot of money, but Unilever said no when Kraft Heinz offered $141 million to buy the company. Instead, Unilever plans to focus on internal strategy and long-term sustainability.


521 shows

From London, Paris, New York and Milan, there are a plethora of fashion shows to see this year. In fact, The New York Times estimates there are 521 shows and presentations among all the fashion capitals of the world. How many can you visit?


50% prioritize relationships

According to supplychain247, a 2016 survey revealed that 50 percent of supply chain managers believe customer relationship management is their top job function– both with the supplier and internally. Clearly, flexibility and knowledge are just some of the characteristics of a good supply chain manager.


3,000 dogs

Can’t decide between two restaurants for dinner? Try deciding among 3,000 dogs! Westminster Kennel Club held its annual dog show this month with 3,000 participants. German Shepherd Rumor beat out all of them to win the top prize, Best in Show. Bring on the treats and belly rubs!


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