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Case Study: Scaling Sustainability with Backbone

When époque évolution was founded in 2018, the clothing brand had a lot going for it. It had two gifted, driven founders: Nancy Taylor and Hannah Franco, both former designers for Athleta. It had a solid product: a line of high-quality, fashion-forward, comfortable staples that customers (and VOGUE) loved. And it had a compelling mission: sustainable style driven by versatility and performance.

What époque évolution didn’t have was a product development platform. They were using Excel, and it just wasn’t working. Nancy and Hannah were trying to keep track of a range of styles, product types, components, seasons and vendors in spreadsheets that weren’t designed for the task. “We knew we needed a tool to help us organize our production,” says Nancy.

That’s when Nancy and Hannah reached out to Backbone. As a growing, thriving company, époque évolution needed a product development platform that could not just support that growth, but enhance it.


Download the époque évolution Case Study to learn how Nancy and Hannah used Backbone to unlock their brand’s potential and grow faster.