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How Elope Scaled Business x10 with Backbone… in Just One Year


We know Backbone can help businesses of all sizes scale — it’s why Backbone exists. That doesn’t mean we aren’t still blown away by how effective the platform can be. Take Elope, a creator of costume accessories that was able to successfully scale product output times ten (!) in just one year with Backbone. Here’s how they did it.

The Challenge: Unprecedented Demand

2020 brought Elope a nearly overwhelming increase of business. Product demands soared from 100 products a year to over 1,000 in little under a year. The team needed a way to supercharge efficiency to meet ever-increasing product needs and deadlines not only from the internal teams at Elope, but also from manufacturers and licensors. 

The Solution: A Streamlined Workflow

Enter Backbone — and some serious creativity from the Elope team. Using the reporting module in Backbone’s platform, Elope created multiple streamlined workflows, leveraging our unique custom field creation modules to customize processes internally and externally between designers, factories, and licensors.

The Details: How Backbone’s Dynamic Item Masters Made The Difference

An internal designer workflow item master helps designers prioritize workload (“What should I be working on today?”) and customize preferred workflow. Also, perhaps most helpfully, the item master allows designers to create custom fields for development stages that correlate directly with NetSuite, allowing purchasing teams to place POs, and coordinate with distributors like Amazon.

An external workflow item master allows factories to view and comment on product development details, to track approvals of various product development stages, and to act faster upon approvals — all of which also serves to remove similar steps from designer workflow and further streamline the overall collaborative process.

An external workflow item master geared towards licensors gives visibility into stages of that team’s product development, to customize and streamline various approval processes (which often differ by licensor), and to have all relevant product information in one place.

The Feedback: What the Elope Team is Saying Now

“I really don’t think we would have been able to increase our workload and our output unless we had Backbone.” 

“I had to break out a size the other day, and I was like, “Oh man, this would’ve taken me a solid day and a half” and [with Backbone] it took me like an hour.”  

“Being able to see all the information in a bigger picture is definitely helpful especially when you are trying to make so many products at once, and get planning done.”

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