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Connecting the Dots: the Numbers


Collaboration and connections are at the heart of what we do at Bamboo Rose. These five statistics had us thinking about how new partnerships and cooperative networks are a constant source of innovation.


1.7 billion home decor pins

Michaels Stores is collaborating with Pinterest to better connect with consumers. This match made in crafty heaven will let users buy DIY kits to make trending craft projects at home. Pinterest says that home decor posts have been pinned nearly 2 billion times. I’ve done my share.


50 percent of the world’s population

It’s predicted that more than half of all people will live in urban areas by 2050. This will have a major impact on logistics and the supply chain. EY says consumer products companies need to collaborate with rivals sooner rather than later to unlock new sources of profitable growth amid converging market challenges.


5 areas

How can you help employees connect to your business goals? To foster a work environment that helps employees stay engaged and committed to a common cause, business leaders should focus on the Five I’s: InspireInformInvolveInstruct and Incent. The end goal? To build a high-performing organization that delivers great customer service. Great reminder.


1st physical store is dipping its toes into brick-and-mortar for a collaboration with the innovative Manhattan shop Story. This collaboration marks the first time the e-commerce site owned by Walmart will have a physical presence, bringing its unique grocery delivery approach to Story.


15 maps

Sometimes the perceptions we’ve held for years need to be shaken up. These maps might make you rethink the way you see our world.




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