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Chubbies & Backbone: The Perfect Pair

The Chubbies Effect

Who thought the vintage short-shorts of 1980s basketball players would resurface in such a prolific way? The founders at Chubbies did and they set out to create a pair of shorts that was built to handle all of life’s adventures.

Today, you don’t have to root for Celtic Pride nor the Showtime Lakers to flaunt your thighs in a liberating short-short design, you can simply put on a pair of Chubbies and instantly experience the freedom your legs so desperately deserve.

Beyond the renowned 5.5-inch inseam, Chubbies is unique in that they provide a different type of product with a different marketing strategy. It isn’t about selling a pair of shorts; it’s about selling a visual representation of the embodiment and notion of yesteryear in every pair.

The Future of Shorts — and Beyond

Chubbies has maintained an exciting and irreverent persona that has helped turn its shorts brand into an immersive, all-inclusive lifestyle brand. Since its inception, polos, outerwear, hoodies, and loungewear have been added to the product catalog, further expanding the brand’s repertoire of modern-day men’s fashion.

While Chubbies may expand to additional store locations in the future, you can be confident knowing its online business model isn’t going anywhere. Also discussed in an article for the Statesman News Network, co-founder Kyle Hency concluded, “We’re a digital-first business because at the end of the day that’s where our fastest-growing market is.”

Want to see how Backbone helped this DTC superstar? Download the Chubbies Case Study to learn how it manages hundreds of SKUs, tracks development stages, and scales their iconic brand using Backbone.