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2023: Celebrating a Year of Success

Let’s talk about a year of success in 2023 – It was our year!

We achieved remarkable milestones and experienced tremendous growth. 

With strategic acquisitions, record-breaking revenue, and the addition of top-notch leaders, we have solidified our position as a market force in the retail technology industry. 

Read our momentum press release for all the details.

Highlights from a year of success in 2023:

  • Two acquisitions that expand our value 
    • Backbone PLM
    • Supply Pilot
  • ~50 enterprise projects across new customers and expansion opportunities
  • Exceptional net retention of more than 130%
  • New senior leaders across the organization

We remain committed to accelerating collaboration, enhancing operational efficiency, and empowering supply chain resiliency for our customers in the global retail economy. 

With our strategic acquisitions, record-breaking revenue growth, and a world-class leadership team, we are ready to conquer new horizons in the years to come. 

Join us as we shape the future of retail technology together! 

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