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How we’re bringing more ‘cool tools’ to retailers

As Bamboo Rose’s CTO and a self-declared tech geek, I’ve never been more excited about the innovation that’s happening in the retail space. We’re seeing everything from augmented reality to machine learning permeate our world. Here’s a quick glimpse into just a few of these tools that we’ve been integrating into our platform:

  • Artificial intelligence: Bamboo Rose uses artificial intelligence to cut time out of the design cycle. For example, a shopper may take dozens of photos on a trip to share with his designers. Bamboo Rose can use image recognition capabilities to scan the images and recommend a starting color palette.
  • Machine learning: Selecting the right supplier relationships can be challenging and time-consuming. Using machine learning, the Bamboo Rose platform can scan the past behavior of preferred suppliers, and flag new suppliers that provide a similar match.
  • 3-D design and augmented reality: One way to shorten the design cycle without compromising quality is to reduce the number of physical samples with 3-D technology. 3D design tools when integrated with PLM allow retailers to virtually sample products rendered using their materials libraries, color palettes and see details up close before the product is ever created.

At Bamboo Rose, we know that the future of retail is all digital. To that end, we’ve created the industry’s first and only completely vendor-agnostic platform that seamlessly integrates a variety of “cool tools,” enabling retailers to take advantage of the innovation that exists in a practical way that drives value. Retailers and brands can plug in any number of cool tools to the Bamboo Rose community platform, allowing them to practically scale and grow at a pace that makes sense.


The retail world increasingly moves at consumer speed, and to compete, every brand from large to small must embrace digital innovation. By providing retailers and brands with the flexibility to plug in and seamlessly integrate these tools into their go-to retail community platform, we’re simplifying their lives while driving innovation and growth.


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