Bamboo Rose doubles down on designer empowerment with Backbone PLM acquisition

We have some exciting news to share! Bamboo Rose is pleased to announce the acquisition of Backbone PLM!


Backbone provides a designer-centric product development platform that empowers retailers and brands of all sizes across apparel, soft goods, and hard goods to make products smarter, faster, and at scale.


Backbone’s solution is used by innovators across the industry, ushering products from concept to launch through a connected, cloud-based application for design and production teams.


Empowering retailers and brands to accelerate their digital journey while not impacting the creativity and agility that makes them great in the eyes of their clients in the first place requires deep real-world knowledge from the many practitioners involved. Backbone’s proven success of enabling the designer’s impact to that journey without sacrificing design at the altar of business process improvement will be a force multiplier when combined with Bamboo Rose’s existing market-dominating supplier collaboration and technical design efficiency gains.


Together, we will provide a collaborative product development, sourcing, and supply chain platform. The combined solution will support global retailers to drive creativity, increase speed to market, and reduce costs.


“As someone who’s had the pleasure of working with both Bamboo Rose and Backbone PLM, I was beyond excited to learn that these two leading retail technology companies are coming together as one. A seamless, integrated digital design and sourcing journey – one harmonious system bringing the best each company has to offer would be a game changer in the industry,” said Mario Ramirez, VP of Supply Chain at Chubbies. “I’ve seen firsthand how this integration transforms the concept-to-launch journey and brings products to market faster and more efficiently. It’s a powerful combination. The future is bright for Bamboo Rose and Backbone, and I can’t wait to see what they’ll achieve together.”


To learn how we’re doubling down on the designer through this acquisition, read more in today’s press release.


And if you’re curious about what the Bamboo Rose + Backbone combined solution can do for your business, let’s talk.


Kind regards,
Matt Stevens
Bamboo Rose CEO