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Bamboo Rose Platform for Food & Formulation

The way to someone’s heart is always through the stomach. That’s because food is love, and it’s the great equalizer. No matter your age, gender, color, or creed, everybody can agree: a delicious meal can make even the most mismatched pair find common ground.


But that lovely image of togetherness goes can crumble fast if we factor in food safety—or lack thereof. Whether you want to impress your boss with homemade cookies or woo your crush with pasta primavera from scratch, you’ve got to take the proper precautions to ensure your food is safe to eat.


For food retailers, this is the most important consideration. You never want to endanger consumers in any way, because nothing says bad business like a product recall. But food traceability is a complex path to follow, which makes it that much more difficult to maintain quality control. With today’s food supply chain operating on global scale, the challenge lies in being able to mitigate contamination. Operations like food processing, storage, shipping, and distribution span international borders with varying safety regulations, and without 100 percent visibility into the supply chain, retailers put the world’s population at risk for some serious health concerns. The only way to prevent this from happening is to have a complete understanding of where ingredients originate, how they’re being used, what conditions surround product formulation, storage, and delivery.


With it being National Food Safety Education Month, there’s really no better time to announce our latest development in food traceability: the Bamboo Rose Multi-Enterprise Platform for Food and Formulation. For grocery retailers, it’s a game changer. That’s because our platform not only supports rapid ideation and recipe development, it also provides end-to-end traceability for reduced safety risk. This crystal-clear visibility gives CPG companies and brands a peek into operations down to the factory line level, so consumers can be sure they’re purchasing food that’s both regulatory compliant and out of harm’s way.


Now, bring on the food and spread the love!




Want to learn more about our Multi-Enterprise Platform for Food and Formulation? Visit our page on Food and Formulation and make sure to download our data sheet on Food and Formulation.